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Fire Body d.o.o. is the exclusive representative of the renowned German brand Wellsystem and the innovative Polish brand BodySpace.

We are bringing the first premium Hydromassage beds to Croatia, which combine a unique experience of dry water massage, aromatherapy, music therapy, color light therapy, and LED Beauty Light for skin care and collagen production stimulation.


We are introducing to Croatia a completely new technology in the fitness world that combines aerobic training with vacuum and infrared technology.

Fire Body: Innovation for Health and Beauty

Founder and owner, Ivana Ćalušić Knezović, always driven by the desire for innovation and improving the quality of life for her fellow citizens, introduces to Croatia for the first time a completely new technology in the fitness world that combines aerobic training with vacuum and infrared technology. Her passion for advancing the wellness industry has resulted in the opening of over forty Fire Body studios across Croatia.

In 2023, Fire Body initiates a partnership with the renowned German company Wellsystem, which has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Through this partnership, Fire Body further expands its mission of providing top-notch wellness services through the latest technologies, achieving the vision of a healthier and happier life for all its users.

"Since 2021, we have opened over forty Fire Body studios in Croatia, two of which, located in Split and Trogir, are owned by us.

With dedication, we continue to build a bridge towards health and quality of life. Through the revolutionary technology we offer with Wellsystem and VacuTherm BodySpace devices, we aim to inspire people to discover a new standard of wellness, helping them achieve not only physical fitness but also internal balance that contributes to an overall sense of health and beauty."

Ivana Ćalušić Knezović
Ivana Ćalušić Knezović
CEO & Founder
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FIRE BODY d.o.o.
Ulica Stjepana Sulimanca 7, 21000, Split, Croatia
OIB: 24004125447
Registration: Commercial Court in Split, MBS: 060434011, Share capital: 2,650.00 EURO paid in full
Board member, CEO: Ivana Ćalušić Knezović
IBAN: HR4624070001100221725, OTP BANKA HRVATSKA d.d., SWIFT: OTPVHR2X


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